Unburnable Fuels – Yasunization – EJOLT Report (Report)

Unburnable Fuels – Yasunization – EJOLT Report (Report)

A global coalition of economists and activists have released a 200p report on a variety of initiatives to leave “unburnable” fuels in the soil. The EU funded EJOLT network studied a range of campaigns and innovative proposals that aim to stem the flow of crude at the source.

On May 9, for the first time in human history, global concentration of Carbon Dioxide crossed 400 ppm. “Unburnable fuel” is now a buzz phrase referring to the calculation that if more than 20% of the world’s reserves of coal, oil and natural gas were combusted, run-away climate change is all but certain. The report shows how and where the process of leaving fossil fuels in the ground should start, beginning in some of the most pristine places on the planet.

EJOLT Report 6

Policy recommendations linked to the project

Video: “Yasuní El Buen Vivir”, by Arturo Ortas for Ejolt

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