Core Portfolio

Core Portfolio

The majority of our endowment (approximately $50 million) is invested in the Core portfolio with the primary goals of preserving capital and earning a sufficient financial return to continue our grantmaking in perpetuity. The Core portfolio is governed by our No Buy Guidelines – we refuse to own shares in companies whose actions are in conflict with the work of our grantee partners – and divested from the Carbon 200, even though these investments are not entirely in alignment with our mission and values. The bulk of the money is in traditional Wall Street investments invested across all asset classes.

Our formal investment policy for the Core Portfolio includes setting a long term horizon of 10 years, limiting risk through diversification amongst a wide range of investments and achieving a 100 percent values-aligned investment portfolio.

Swift Foundation prides itself on making pioneering, high impact investments. We are especially proud of early investments in Microvest, Guayaki, Community Capital Management and Impax New Energy Investors. Originally housed in our Transitional Portfolio, these investments have transitioned to our Core Portfolio where their financial performance and risk profile is on par with their asset class.

Our vision is that one day our Core portfolio will be composed entirely of mission-aligned investments that actively work in concert with our grantmaking efforts. We recognize that larger, systemic changes to the economy must occur before this can happen. We believe that our efforts to identify and support socially and environmentally responsible innovative investments will advance this goal.

Within this portfolio, Swift Foundation retains a five percent allocation of United Parcel Service (UPS) legacy stock, the proceeds from which created the foundation in 1999. The foundation continues to act as an active shareholder with UPS in honor of the family’s former ties with the company.

We encourage foundations to engage in mission investing beyond the five percent payout requirement. While PRIs can supplement grants and program costs in meeting the five percent, Swift believes mission investing is an essential philanthropic tool.

While a growing segment of our Core and Transitional assets meet the IRS qualifications for PRIs, we only classify some investments as PRIs. This reflects our experience that many PRIs are market rate with acceptable risk and performance objectives.

We believe that foundations should be generous grantmakers and impact investors.

Community Capital Management

Community Capital Management’s mission is to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns through investment strategies that contribute to positive environmental and social outcomes.  The firm incorporates the environmental and social aspects of ESG investing into its investment philosophy by proactively seeking market-rate, fossil fuel free bonds that positively contribute to economic and...

Guayaki Sustainable Rainforest Products

Guayaki started in 1996 with the goal of making organic, fair-trade yerba mate the mainstream beverage and prove that a company can be profitable while operating sustainably. Guayaki sells a variety of Yerba Mate products including tea and carbonated beverages. It pays farmers a premium for yerba grown under trees...

Impax New Energy Investors II

Impax is a London-based asset management firm founded in 1994 that invests in the development of renewable energy and related technologies. The New Energy Investors II Limited Partnership makes investments in renewable power generation projects and companies in Europe. The LP will specifically target companies focused on power generation through...

Lyme Forest Fund LP

Lyme Timber Company is a private timberland investment management organization that focuses on the acquisition and sustainable management of lands with unique conservation values. It was founded in 1976 and the current portfolio includes 650, 000 acres located throughout the United States.

MicroVest Short Duration Fund

MicroVest is an asset management firm dedicated to applying a commercial framework to investing in unbanked and under-served markets. They focus on a sustainable investment process that provides private capital to low-income financial institutions. The MicroVest Short Duration Fund provides short and medium debt financing to low-income finance institutions (LIFIs),...

Renewal3 LP

Renewal Funds is a mission venture capital firm investing in early growth stage companies in Canada and the United States. It adds value for entrepreneurs through capital, networks and expertise. The firm delivers above-market returns for their partners while catalyzing positive social and environmental change.  

SJF Ventures Fund IV

SJF is an expansion-stage venture capital firm focused across the United States in six sectors: clean energy and climate change mitigation; asset recovery and recycling; sustainable food and agriculture; education; health and wellness; and quality jobs. The fund focuses on high growth, positive-impact companies.