Traditional Native American Farmers Association (TNAFA)

Agriculture has always been the bases of our communities’ culture and economy. Through various socio-economic pressures, native agriculture has been in a downward cycle. In the past few years there has been an increased interest in agriculture in our communities, as a way to regenerate our culture, health and economics.

Most programs have focused on agri-business type models, often overlooking farmers already in the community and not developing the interest in our youth and women. TNAFA on the other hand feels family-oriented scale farming is the best approach in developing a sound future in agriculture.

The promotion of traditional agriculture will ensure economic, social and health stability in our communities. TNAFA’s goals are to reverse this trend by developing educational programs with a focus on organic, traditional methods, seed conservation / preservation, and traditional foods and nutrition. Educating farmers, youth and women in community scale organic farming will ensure a future in agriculture.