Organization for the Development for the Common Good of the Iskonawa People (OPDEPI)

The Organization for the Development and Common Good of the Iskonawa People (OPDEPI), is a nascent Indigenous organization which brings together descendants of a group of Iskonawa, one of the at least 20 uncontacted Amazonian tribes of Peru, and who were abducted by missionaries back in the 1960’s. The isolated Iskonawa peoples inhabit the areas of the Sierra del Divisor National Park and the Iskonawa Indigenous Reserve; the former located in the district of Callería, in the Ucayali Department, spans a total surface of 298,487.71 ha. Since their abduction, the resulting Iskonawa community has been living as refugees in Shipibo-Konibo territory, with some members migrating to the city of Pucallpa.

OPDEPI was formed by a group of young Iskonawa whose families migrated to the city of Pucallpa, where they managed to attend university and have graduated as teachers, engineers, and nurses. These women and men became mindful of the needs and challenges of their brothers and sisters, both in isolation and living in a settled village as refugees. As a result, in September 2021 OPDEPI was established with the goal of ensuring that the Iskonawa peoples, particularly the isolated groups, have a future, providing proactive protection.