Confederación de Nacionalidades Indígenas del Ecuador

In 1980, the CONACNIE (National Council for the Coordination of Indigenous Nationalities) was organized with the aim of promoting the consolidation of indigenous peoples and the first CONACNIE Congress was convened on November 13 to 16, 1986, in the Nueva Vida camp, in Quito and CONAIE is constituted (Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador); it is the result of the continuous struggle of the communities, centers, federations and confederations of indigenous peoples. The fundamental objectives that were raised in the congress were: to consolidate the indigenous peoples and nationalities of Ecuador, to fight for the land and indigenous territories, to fight for their own education (bilingual intercultural), to fight against the oppression of the civil and ecclesial authorities, fight for the cultural identity of indigenous peoples, against colonialism and for the dignity of indigenous peoples and nationalities.