African Centre for Biodiversity

Founded in 2003 and registered in 2004 The African Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) (previously ‘Biosafety’) is a South African based nongovernmental organization with staff members in South Africa, Tanzania and Mozambique. The ACB is committed to carrying out research, analysis, capacity and movement building, and advocacy and information-sharing in order to widen awareness, catalyze collective action and influence decision-making regarding the issues of biosafety, agricultural biodiversity and farmer-managed seed systems (FMSS) in Africa. The ACB aspires to contribute towards protecting Africa’s biodiversity, traditional knowledge, seed systems, genetic diversity, food production systems, agro-ecology, culture and diversity from the threats and risks posed by genetic engineering (Genetically Modified Organisms) and industrial agriculture. To fulfil this aspiration, the ACB is committed to working in and building networks with different partners across the African continent and internationally, which are committed towards social justice, equity and food sovereignty. ACB works toward the empowerment of society to make informed choices about how resources are to be used, managed, and conserved by focusing principally on the promotion of biosafety, food and seed sovereignty, and social justice.