About Us

A Brief History of the Swift Foundation: Its Creation and Growing Mission

Swift Foundation was incorporated shortly after United Parcel Service went public in 1999. For the first time in 92 years, shares of stock were offered to the public. This was the perfect opportunity to diversify family held ownership while creating a Foundation with a mission to enhance the well being of people and the environment internationally. The Founder studied Conservation of Natural Resources and International Agriculture and worked in Guatemala, Papua New Guinea and Ecuador. Knowing that less than 2% of philanthropy is directed internationally,  the foundation focused on leveraging opportunities  by supporting  the biodiversity hot spot efforts of Conservation International, the integrated rural development ideas designed by John L. Peters and the World Peace Centers established by Rotary International.

In 2009, Swift Foundation tripled in size with the proceeds from another family foundation which was divided by the Board of Directors. At this time, the next generation became more active in Swift Foundation matters bringing youthful energy for crafting a new mission statement and helping launch this website in September 2010.

Our family values passed down over the generations encourage generating and sharing one’s abundance with the greater community. The first law of ecology: “Everything is connected to everything else” transparently expresses how the looming climate change challenge impacts each decision we make. Our social, economic and environmental blunders give passion and focus to Swift Foundation’s efforts to support our grantees, partners, collaborators and fellow global citizens in sustaining a healthy environment and life on earth.